6 harmful habits that prevent us from losing weight

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6 harmful habits that prevent us from losing weight
6 harmful habits that prevent us from losing weight

Restricted protein consumption, drinking insufficient water, shopping without a list, constant stress and emotional eating… These are just some of the harmful habits, "thanks" to which we cannot achieve the desired figure. Which others it is good to eliminate in order to be in good he alth and shape, see in the following lines.

You're making excuses, postponing change until tomorrow, Monday, the first day of the month

A Chinese proverb says: "He who is afraid to take the first step spends his whole life on one foot." What will change on the first day of the month, week, year? These are just excuses with which you delay the much-desired change. Start making small efforts every day for your figure and he alth. Only then will you be able to make the big changes.

You are not eating enough

Not a few people who are trying to lose weight eat almost nothing during the week, and when the weekends come, they indulge in a party. This is a bad habit that will not help you lose weight. See how you can reduce your weight with and afford sweet treats.

You keep harmful products at home and the "correct" ones are never available

The environment is crucial to how we will eat and what kind of lifestyle we will have. So provide more he althy foods at home and minimize treats, processed meats, pasta.

You get distracted while eating

Of great importance to whether and for how long we will feel full is our way of eating. First of all, we need to ensure comfort, not to eat on our feet and chew food slowly. It is a bad habit of most people to watch TV, their computer or mobile phone while eating.

So your brain is not focused on eating, but on the monitor. A complex process related to the secretion of hormones responsible for satiety. The next time you eat, just focus on your food and put your cell phone aside.

You don't sleep enough

Lack of sleep brings a number of ailments, but it also prevents us from having a good figure. Sleep is important for our youth, energy levels, physical recovery, proper functioning of the brain, hormonal system and other systems in the body.

When you haven't slept, your body quite naturally wants more food and we tend to eat unhe althy snacks.

You don't eat enough fruits and vegetables

Plant foods should be half of your diet. Vegetables and fruits are rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals that are necessary for he alth. The ratio of vegetables to fruits, depending on your goals, should be between 7:1 and 3:1.

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