The most common reasons that lead to depression

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The most common reasons that lead to depression
The most common reasons that lead to depression

that can affect anyone at any time. There are risk factors that can cause its appearance. According to scientists, the average age of onset of depression is the 20s. Children, adolescents and the elderly are often one of the most vulnerable groups.

According to the World He alth Organization, by 2020, depression may take second place among the most serious diseases. It is estimated that one in four women and one in ten men suffer from depression. Depression affects the urban population more often than those in the countryside. See what are the most common factors that can lead to depression.

Childhood trauma

Losing a parent during infancy or puberty. Physical and emotional abuse, neglect of the child by the parents, sexual abuse are all factors that, apart from being able to lead to depression in childhood, can also trigger it in a later stage of a person's life.


All negative events such as divorce, loss of a loved one, job loss can lead to depressive states. In such moments, people exposed to stress often do not have the support of relatives and friends. This puts the sufferer in social isolation.


Depression and alcoholism often go together, as do eating disorders and depression.

Marital Status

According to specialists, the highest levels of depression are observed among the divorced or those who are separated from their partners. Depressions are rarest among those who are married or living on a family basis. People living alone often feel isolated and unhappy.

Physical Illness

He alth problems are often accompanied by depression. There are certain diseases that can trigger it like thyroid problems, hormonal imbalance, chronic viral infections, cancer and others.


Many medications can lead to depressive states. Most often these are sedatives or some painkillers.

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