Light therapy against depression

Light therapy against depression
Light therapy against depression

As the day decreases and the nights increase, a person begins to feel depressed, tired, apathetic. The change of seasons is more difficult for the ladies. Depression and lack of motivation are some of the symptoms of a condition called seasonal affective disorder, which is common around this time of year.

The condition affects people usually in the fall and winter months. Lack of natural sunlight causes your body to "shut down". Ladies' bodies have a longer and more difficult adjustment period to these inevitable changes.

Symptoms of seasonal affective disorder are similar to those of depression and include:

  • long hours of sleep
  • daytime tired
  • appetite for carbohydrate foods
  • lack of concentration
  • weight gain
  • social withdrawal
  • lack of desire for sex and others.

According to specialists, special attention should be paid to light therapy and how it affects women It is used in different formats. The best option is to spend more time outdoors on sunny days. There are also various lamps and lighting devices that emit a certain light.

The light intensity emitted by the light cells is of different duration and with changeable characteristics. The use of such devices and lamps is relatively safe. However, ladies with increased sensitivity to light should consult a doctor beforehand. Specialists advise all ladies who can hardly tolerate seasonal changes to take more frequent walks on sunny days, to visit relaxing massage therapies.

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