Hawaiian hoop exercises for slim waist

Hawaiian hoop exercises for slim waist
Hawaiian hoop exercises for slim waist

Do you remember how you used to have fun spinning hoops as a child? It was fun and so easy. Well, this little fun of ours continues into our older years, but here we include the hoop to maintain a slim waist and good shape.

These hoops that are used for this kind of physical exertion are called Hawaiian They are a little different from the hoops of our childhood. They are a little heavier, and some are even embossed, which makes them kind of massaging. Exercising with a Hawaiian hoop has been compared to jogging on a treadmill. In ten minutes you can burn about 100 calories

The movements we perform when we spin a hoop involve a large group of muscles, and the exercise is also fun. In addition to rotating the hoop around your waist, you can also rotate it around your legs, hips, arms. Try rotating the hoop around your hips.

First clockwise, then counterclockwise. Or spin the hoop around one ankle and lightly hop over the spinning hoop with the other leg.

The movements are varied and on days when you don't really feel like doing sports, the Hawaiian hoop is a nice alternative. Also ask your fitness instructor about additional loads with it.

It can easily be purchased from sports stores. Ask which hoop is right for you. If you are a beginner, you will need a lighter one at first. But, if you have a regular hoop, you can also do exercises with it. The important thing is to be consistent because the hoop really helps in the process called weight loss.

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