Parsley juice melts kilos

Parsley juice melts kilos
Parsley juice melts kilos

Parsley is one of the most commonly consumed herbs, or at least during the spring and summer months. It not only adds more flavor and aroma to our dishes, but also has many he alth benefits. The fragrant herb is rich in many vital vitamins, including B 12, vitamin C, K and A.

Consumption of parsley increases the body's defenses, helps clear toxins and excess fluids (but not recommended for people suffering from kidney and bile problems), controls blood pressure levels, reduces joint pain, and more.

Prepared in the form of a drink, parsley can help you shed a few extra pounds.

What will you need?

  • 60 grams parsley
  • the juice of 1 lemon
  • water

Put the parsley together with the stems in a juicer. Then add the lemon juice to the resulting juice and dilute with water.

Drink this drink for five days, every morning on an empty stomach. Then take a break for ten days.

With the help of parsley juice, you will not only melt excess fat, but also supply your body with the necessary vitamins for the day.

Don't forget to exclude all sweets, fatty and processed foods from your diet.

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