How does dating change after 35?

How does dating change after 35?
How does dating change after 35?

Craziness is inherent in twenty-somethings. This is the time when one does not think deeply about the future, the time when one chooses a partner from among many, and most of all, the time when very few people really care how long and he althy their relationship will be.

But after a certain age, especially for women, they start to "care" more seriously about what will happen to their lives from here on out. Will they find the right partner, will they raise their children.

People become more careful after 35, the choice of a partner becomes somehow more relaxed, the behavior is more and more liberated and the roles we played in our younger years now seem redundant to us. What changes in dating after 35? Find out from the following lines!

Forget the stories

If you have ever dreamed of meeting the prince from fairy tales - forget these myths. Gone are the days when boys' attractiveness was a priority. After 35, what comes to your mind when you meet someone is, "How happy and relaxed I feel with him." These thoughts give away whether the person is right for you.


The protracted dumps, the romance, the sex marathons – all of that has already passed. At this age, women are looking for someone with whom they can be not only lovers, but also good friends. Living together and creating a family begins to fill your thoughts more and more.

Time for yourself

After all, there's nothing wrong with being single after 30. On the plus side, you'll have more time for yourself, to get to know each other, to figure out exactly what you want in a relationship and what you wouldn't reconciled.

What's it worth

Probably everyone wants a person by their side who is financially stable. This is not about gold-digging and mercantilism - on the contrary! No one will tell you that they are looking for a spendthrift who does not think about tomorrow! Traditional expectations are to be able to raise your children together and build a he althy and peaceful home.

Good feeling

As you age, your sixth sense begins to work more and more flawlessly! Somehow you start to get an idea of the person in front of you early on, you have trained your senses to recognize the right one and direct your energy towards him. Of course, mistakes happen, but your turbulent youth put you through a lot more trials, didn't they?

Load Check

After a certain age, people inevitably carry some emotional baggage with them, either from difficult relationships, hurt or failures. The best thing you can do is to check the emotional baggage of the person you are hiring to date. Consider whether this baggage is within your tolerance limits and whether you could bear it. If not - don't waste your precious time.

Listening Skills

You are already listening carefully to the signals your partner is sending you. If he has no intention of settling down and having kids anytime soon, and that's your desire at this stage – you're able to pick up on these waves. After 35, the difference in values and direction of development is an important factor and taking them into account is important.

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