People you can't hide your pregnancy from

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People you can't hide your pregnancy from
People you can't hide your pregnancy from

No matter how persistent and skilled you are at hiding your pregnancy, there are always people who will guess. Some of them may even know that you are pregnant before you do. Who are they?

Your Partner

No matter how distracted some men may seem, they do not fall from Mars. Your partner will notice your increased libido and enlarged breasts. These changes are due to hormones that increase blood supply to the pelvis and mammary glands.

Your boss

Your morning sickness is slowing you down. You start being late systematically, you look tired. You fail to complete tasks that you used to finish on time. This will definitely impress your direct boss who knows your way of working intimately.

Your best friends

If you're pregnant, the first thing your girlfriends will notice is that you don't order your favorite wine when you get together to chat. What's a ladies' night without the favorite drink that until recently blessed your gatherings.

It will make an even bigger impression on them if you are a smoker and don't light a cigarette. Apologizing that you've suddenly decided to quit smoking isn't going to cut it in front of the girls who know you best.

Your dentist

The mucous membranes swell during pregnancy again due to the increased blood supply. Bleeding gums may also occur. Your dentist can guess you're pregnant as soon as he rules out a gum infection.

Your colleagues

If you work in a small team, it will be very easy for your colleagues to sense you. If you are in a larger hall or room, the colleagues closest to the toilet are sure to hear your inescapable urges to throw up in the morning.

Any woman who has been pregnant

You may think you are a great liar and your excuses and explanations are ironclad, but you are not. Any woman who has been pregnant before will guess what you rattle them. However, this does not oblige you to confess your secret before the first 3 months have passed.

Your pet

Animals, especially dogs and cats, have incredible superhuman abilities. They can sense the changes in the smell your body gives off. This is again due to your hormones completely changing their balance during pregnancy.

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