Which days in 2019 will test us according to the full moon

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Which days in 2019 will test us according to the full moon
Which days in 2019 will test us according to the full moon

In 2018, we had several special events related to the moon, and while some people can't complain about its influence on their emotions, others have serious concerns every time they hear the word full moon. In the past year we have witnessed many events with a concentration of lunar energy - eclipses, supermoons, full moons and serious retrograde periods. In 2019, we can also expect trials related to the moon - a supermoon, a blue moon and many more interesting events are ahead.

To prepare for future trials we decided to check when the critical days will be in 2019.

February 19 – Snow Moon

In February, a new sensitive event awaits us, namely the so-called Snow Moon, the peak of which is in the period of Virgo, the sign of hard, serious and hard work, as well as self-sacrifice. On this day, we can get very busy, even too much. We may take the blame for certain conflicts, even more than we deserve.

To make matters even more complicated, this period sees Mercury and Neptune in opposition to the Moon, suggesting that we will be more susceptible to deception, lies and deception. It is recommended that you listen more to your intuition on this day, even if it is something you don't like.

In your efforts to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground, Mars, the planet of decisive action, will help you. If you are torn between two choices, the Snow Moon is sure to guide you to the practical solution. It might not look that exciting, but it's the right path.

March 21 – Worm Moon

The full moon in March will be another supermoon, and we will have 3 of them during the year. This means not only that the Moon will be at its fullest in its lunar cycle, but also that it will be as close to Earth as possible. As you can imagine, this will affect us too.

This supermoon is called the Worm Moon because it usually coincides with spring. Since the peak of the Moon will be in Libra, the opposite sign of Aries, the Moon will subject us to challenges related to love relationships. Consider weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your marriage or intimate relationship, as well as business relationships or very close friendships. They will surface in a way that provokes both of you to act. So it's good to try to be on the same page at this point.

This may prove to be a difficult task as Mercury will be retrograde and opposite the Moon. Mercury is in charge of communication and thinking, so many of us will find it difficult to be understood properly and it will not be easy to present our arguments adequately.

May 19 – Flower Moon


The full moon in May will be the so-called Blue Moon, which means it is the third full moon of the season. It is also called a Color Moon, which may sound sweet and innocent, but since it will be in Scorpio, the sign of dark desires and transformations, it will be a critical day for many.

Moon events in Scorpio often lead us to deeper experiences and sensations. This moon will encourage us to reflect on our long-standing actions and pursuits and ask ourselves if they are doing us any good. Very often the answer is no. At the same time, Mercury, Venus and Uranus are opposite the Moon, representing our consciousness, our heart and originality. Whatever problem you have with any of these, the answer will be rooted in welcoming the new and not being afraid of it.

July 17 – Pink Moon

The full moon in July is known as Buck Moon, Pink Moon or Hot Moon. The Moon will be in Capricorn and will be opposite Venus, the planet of love, beauty, luxury. During this period, we may feel torn between the things we value and can afford, and the things we desperately want to have but seem impossible.

To ease this feeling, the Moon will be in harmony with Saturn, Neptune and Pluto, the planets of limitations, glamour, sensual desires. This means that we will be successful, however productive, and if we find a way to satisfy our needs with a minimum of effort and worry, we will end the full moon period without problems or incidents.

A word of advice: Mercury will be retrograde, so check all directions, food ingredient lists, texts and messages carefully.

September 14 – Harvest Moon

This moon will be in the sign of Pisces, the sign of imagination and artistry. In this period, our emotions can surprise us greatly. A full moon usually brings themes and issues that have been dormant for a while to a climax and their denouement. But the Moon in Pisces can make us feel like we're in some other world. This can lead to both very deep and intimate moments, as well as highly destructive choices, and sometimes both at the same time.

This is far from bad news. The Harvest Moon will coincide with two other planetary movements: Mercury and Venus entering Libra. Mercury and Venus rule the way we think and the way we love, respectively, and Libra is the sign of intellectual beauty. This positioning leads to strong creative expression, decisive actions, winning ideas. If you feel emotionally carried away, let reason guide you and not so much emotions.

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