6 ideas on how to wear white women's sneakers in summer

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6 ideas on how to wear white women's sneakers in summer
6 ideas on how to wear white women's sneakers in summer

Women's white sneakers must be present in the wardrobe of every modern lady. They have long been not only shoes for sports training, but also a perfect addition to a casual or sporty-elegant style of dressing. Combine with jeans, dresses, skirts, leggings, short or long pants…

To be truly versatile and to match all your favorite clothes, choose a model that is as clean as possible. Here are some ideas on how to wear white sneakers for women so that you look stylish, trendy and elegant at the same time.

White sneakers with leather wedge

Today, leather leggings are in vogue and with them you can create really diverse dressing styles. If you want to look a bit more casual, leave the high heels and combine the leggings with comfortable white trainers.

And an extra tip: to score even more fashion points, this year replace the black leather leggings with brown ones.

With wide leg jeans

Wide leg jeans are this year's fashion trend, but they are not suitable for every type of shoe. If you combine them with a high heel, you risk stepping on your legs (especially on the stairs) and getting into a dangerous situation. That's why one of the best combinations is with white women's sneakers. If you're tall, go for flat sneakers, but if you're not that tall, wide legs will need platform sneakers to give you a really good line. The good news is that you can wear the sneakers with platforms and with any other jeans you have.

White sneakers or sneakers with dresses

If you love your casual dresses and walking, be sure to stock up your wardrobe with white women's sneakers or sneakers. Heels make any dress a little more formal, while white sneakers will give you that casual, slightly casual look you need this summer. They look great and look good with all patterns and patterns of dresses - plain or colorful, short or long, tailored or slimmer. You can also wear most models with sexy socks or bare feet.

Here is a ready-made idea from us for a perfect look: fitted dress in dark color, denim jacket (maybe on the waist) and white sneakers. And you're ready to conquer the day!

With puff sleeves

Buffon sleeve blouses are back on the catwalk to bring a little more femininity to summer. Pair a pastel blouse with long or short jeans, but instead of sandals, put on white sneakers - here you have a casual outfit for long walks in the sea garden, for a trip or a party with friends.

White sneakers with shorts

There are no shorts that don't go with white sneakers. Denim or linen, sporty or more elegant, wide or close to the body - every model is suitable. Choose a blouse in a color and design that matches the pants and let the sneakers complete your casual-elegant style.

With long vests

Towards the end of summer, outerwear becomes mandatory in the evening and long cardigans remain the most up-to-date choice. No need to worry as they are suitable for most of your favorite casual outfits – jeans, long pants, dresses. And it goes perfectly with your white sneakers, especially if your pants are a dark color.

And again: if you want your legs to look longer, choose white women's platform sneakers.

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