Finally, it's time for summer dresses

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Finally, it's time for summer dresses
Finally, it's time for summer dresses

We've waited so long for it to come - the time of summer dresses. The variety of formal, summer, women's dresses is so great that you may not need to wear pants until mid-October.

However, how do we navigate the sea of dresses and be sure that we have chosen the best for the occasion and our figure?

We have some relevant tips on how to choose the perfect women's dress:

Formal Summer Dress

Unfortunately, there are very few occasions in our life when we wear a formal women's dress. These are prom, our own wedding, and 5-6 more times when we are guests at someone else's happy ceremony or party.

So use every moment to dress up in a nice formal dress, such as your own birthday, New Year and Christmas company parties for example. And now that it's summer, you can throw a garden party with a "formal summer dress" dress code.

They are usually made of delicate and fine material, with thin straps or an elegant neckline. When the temperatures outside are high, avoid fitted models and artificial fabrics on dresses. Bet on summer lightness and bright colors.

Hug Me Summer Dress

This type of women's dress is extremely flattering on all shapes. If you're worried about not being in your best summer shape after the coronavirus lockdown, this is the model for you.

It emphasizes the bust and hides the tummy, it falls slightly along the hips and your silhouette becomes extremely feminine. Just add some nice platform sandals to this dress and conquer the summer!

Women's dress with collar

She is for working girls who feel at home only when they are in the office, at the head of a motivated team.

Such a dress combines the best of two worlds - corporate and women's. Such a dress pattern is flattering to the figure because it has an A-line skirt and the top is like a button-up shirt.

The collar gives that office austerity needed to be true leaders in the men's business world.

Boat Neck Summer Dress

We call such dresses "Monica Bellucci", although there is no such dress model officially. We are talking about the dresses with a wide elastic neckline, which leaves the shoulders bare, and the sleeves are bouffant type.

The bust is well shaped thanks to the elastic crepe, and the skirt is wide, light and hintingly transparent.

The length of this dress can vary from short to floor length. Both high sandals and summer slippers suit her.

For a true 'Italian' look, add sunglasses and a straw bag.

You can find all models of women's summer and formal dresses on the site

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