Garlic oil for joint problems

Garlic oil for joint problems
Garlic oil for joint problems

As we age joint mobility decreases Stiffness, pain, swelling and redness around the affected areas appear. Specialists recommend performing light physical exertion, applying ointments, taking medication, special baths and others.

But improving joint mobility can also be done at home with the help of natural remedies, such as garlic oil. It will help you quickly reduce the swelling and pain in the joints and improve their mobility. How to prepare it?

You will need 300 g of old garlic and 1 liter of vegetable fat. Crush the garlic using a press and put it in a large jar. Then pour the fat over it and mix.

Store the mixture in a dark place and at room temperature for two weeks. It is important to stir the contents every day. The oil is then strained through cheesecloth. Every night, apply it with light massage movements on problem areas.

If possible, put gauze and wrap a woolen scarf to get a warming effect. Take a warm shower in the morning. Relief will occur in the first days of therapy.

Garlic helps to improve blood circulation, thus contributing to joint repair.

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