Tips for flying while pregnant

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Tips for flying while pregnant
Tips for flying while pregnant

Flying by plane is the fastest and most convenient way to travel. While you're pregnant, you may need to travel or simply have a vacation planned that you want to enjoy before the baby arrives. Whatever your reason for traveling by plane, you should know that it is advisable to follow some useful tips to make flying as he althy and safe as possible during pregnancy.

Pregnant women are allowed on board the plane before the 36th week of pregnancy, which is in the 8th month. If there are no he alth reasons that prevent you from traveling, there is no problem in doing so. Keep in mind that due to changes in atmospheric pressure and dry air in the cabin, you may feel some discomfort, which will increase due to prolonged sitting and immobilization. That's why it's a good idea to stock up on some essentials.

Consult your attending physician

Before taking a plane trip, it is best to ask your pregnancy doctor to examine you and judge depending on your condition whether it is okay to fly or not.

Important things to take in your hand luggage

Breakfast and water

Don't rely on the food and drinks offered on the plane. They can be limited, and you may always want to eat something or drink more water. This is recommended because in the air the body is prone to dehydration due to the pressure and dry air in the fuselage. And since it's not good to put your baby through the stress of dehydration, buy a large water bottle from the airport. Do it after the baggage check and customs control, because if you bring water from outside, it will be taken from you.

Clothes and shoes

In the airplane, the body temperature changes again under the pressure of the cabin pressure. Take an outerwear, cardigan or scarf to wear if you get cold. It's always better to have something to take off your back than nothing to put on. Also bring comfortable slippers to wear in case your feet swell, which is very likely.

Travel Pillow

If you are flying on a long flight the cabin crew will give you a small pillow for comfort. However, it is often not enough, and it does not have an ergonomic shape that supports the neck while sleeping in a sitting position. So bring your own. It will not be superfluous, especially if you need to support your lower back.

Vitamins and Medicines

Don't forget to take your vitamins and medications in your hand luggage if you are taking any prescribed by a doctor. Also take lotions to lubricate the skin, because the probability of drying during the flight is high.

Avoid certain foods on board

If you did not warn in advance when booking the ticket what kind of food you prefer, be careful what you eat. Some foods are not recommended for pregnant women. Among them are broccoli, cauliflower, peas, root vegetables, apples, parsnips. These foods cause bloating, gas and extreme discomfort while flying. If you are served seafood, it is also not a good idea for pregnant women at first. And sausages fall on the list of prohibited foods, as well as fresh unripened cheeses.

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