5 tricks to shop smart in bulk

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5 tricks to shop smart in bulk
5 tricks to shop smart in bulk

When we enter a hypermarket, where we are surrounded by all kinds of goods, the temptation is huge. Very often we go for bread, cheese and eggs, and leave with a cart full of products, more of which were bought precisely because of the temptation. Accordingly, we also spend a lot of extra money, which we later regret. We are even more sorry when we have to throw away some of the spoiled products because we bought them in a moment of euphoria and did not make a considered purchase choice.

In order to shop wisely and not spend money on products we don't need, we need to use some useful tricks.

Browse catalogs for store promotions

Catalogs are a useful tool of chain stores. In them you can find useful information about current discounts and consider what exactly you need from these products. You can even be reminded of some useful products, items, items for the home and garden that you can buy at a good price. This way you will be able to calculate your budget in advance.

Make a list

Shop by list only. This will make it easier for you to stick to your needs and budget. Determine in advance what you need, what you plan to cook in the next week or so, so you know what products to buy. Divide your list into durables and non-durables. This way, it will be even easier for you to shop wisely without having to throw away spoiled food afterwards.

Always start from the bottom shelf

Big chain stores, and not only them, use special psychological and marketing tricks to arrange the goods in a way that makes you buy more expensive products in order to increase profits.

Keep this in mind. When you stand in front of the shelves in the hypermarket, start looking at the goods from the bottom shelf up. Usually, the more convenient and cheaper products are at the bottom, and the more expensive foods and supplies are arranged at your eye level. Decide for yourself which ones you prefer based on your budget, but know where to start looking.

Use your vouchers

If your employer offers you food vouchers as a social benefit, be sure to include them in your shopping. Many chain stores and merchants also offer their own coupons and discount coupons. Make the most of them to save money. Why buy something expensive when you can reduce the price without affecting the quality.

Always review the expiration date

When shopping in bulk and stocking up on long-lasting products, always check the expiration date. There is a good chance that the product that you expect to keep in your warehouse for at least a month is actually close to its expiration date, causing you to throw it away soon after buying it.

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