Women are far ahead of men in online saving

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Women are far ahead of men in online saving
Women are far ahead of men in online saving

In Bulgaria we often grumble about how we are lagging behind the rest of the European Union and how not enough is being done to catch up. In some respects, however, it is not. One of them is internet access and access speed. Over 72 percent of households in Bulgaria have access to the Internet, with 98 percent of them using a fast broadband connection. Moreover, the growth between 2017 and 2018 was almost 10%.

The data shows that the male/female percentage split is almost 50 to 50, with men slightly more likely to use the Internet regularly (65 vs. 62.5%). It is also clear why - more news and sports that attract their attention more easily.

Double increase in share of online shoppers

The more interesting statistic, however, is that for the period 2012-2017, the share of people in Bulgaria who shop online has doubled. According to Eurostat, it was 10% in 2012 and 20% in 2017. There, ladies already have an advantage - almost 22% of them shop online compared to 20% for men. Which is hardly surprising - after all, we know that shopping is an ordeal for men. While for the ladies it is much more – pleasure, relaxation and even sometimes a test of will.

Naturally, people who shop prefer discounts. If you can buy something for less money, what's the point of giving more? And with the penetration of the Internet into every sphere of life, the search for discounts becomes painless. You no longer have to wait for your neighbor to tell you that the neighborhood stores have lower prices. You search for the online stores you need, browse and decide. Logically, there are also sites such as, which offer well-arranged online brochures so that unnecessary time is not wasted.

The benefit of online flyers

We know how annoying it is to have a mailbox overflowing with paper leaflets. And who needs to collect them and rummage through them for a specific thing, when it can be much faster and easier to check online. It saves time, and also gasoline - no hanging in traffic jams and going around shops. You enter, check, find and buy. Also, the hectic life in the big city does not leave much free time, so it should be used as well as possible.

Statistics show that it is people from big cities who most often enter the site. Sofia (almost 50%) is in first place, followed by Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas. It is most often done by users of an active age - nearly 60% of visits are by people between 25 and 44 years old. On average, they spend about five minutes on the site, which is quite enough to check a store and compare it with the nearest competition. After that, a motivated decision is made where and what to shop for.

As for the gender division, here the ladies have a huge advantage - 75% of kimbino.bg users are women. Which also shows faster orientation in the process of searching for online discounts. And the very fact that shopping chains for everyday goods are after cosmetic ones is telling.

Forget Eurostat, NSI and kimbino.bg data were used

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