The secrets of smart shopping

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The secrets of smart shopping
The secrets of smart shopping

On holidays, spending is usually huge. We tend to shop without thinking, and after the holidays, the balance sheet is often not in favor of our pocket.

How to shop smart, without succumbing to the temptations that the stores offer us? Here are some tricks to take back control of your wallet!

Calm down

It is very important not to shop emotionally. So easily we make unnecessarily expensive purchases to satisfy ourselves emotionally. In this way, we also often buy things we don't like, don't need, or can't afford.

Therefore, always go to the market calmly. Think things through in advance. Make a list of things you need. If you like something off the list, consider the need for it and its profitability without rushing.

Beware of sensory seduction

Many commercial establishments arrange their stores according to psychological postulates. The malls are organized so that you get caught up in the whirlwind of goods that won't let you go until you shop steadily and leave with a lighter pocket.

The soft music, the pleasant aromas in the shops, the pleasant environment, the arrangement of the more expensive items at eye level - all these tricks are there to predispose you to spend more money than intended.

Be aware of these tricks so you don't fall for it unless you don't mind.


Don't be afraid to miss the discounts

Many people rush to buy a lot of things while they are on sale, without thinking whether these things will be of any use to them. Don't be afraid to miss out on discounts. You always have the choice to go to another store or hunt down an item while it's on sale, but at another time.

Holding on to discounts can become an obsession, which in many cases turns out to be stressful and stressful, not to mention that many of the discounts in our country are fictitious.

Reduce talking to saleswomen

Sellers and consultants are instructed to direct the customer to buy as many and more expensive items as possible. They are not working in the interest of your pocket, but in the interest of the store's sales. So don't expect good advice from them. Always use your best judgment if you want to stick to your budget.

Prepare in advance

A smart way to shop without surprises is to prepare in advance. In the world of Internet technology, it is easier to estimate how much money you will need for the purchases you have planned. This way you will shop without unpleasant surprises, and you will be able to mark in advance the things you want to buy instead of wondering on the spot.

Don't shop after yoga

People who practice yoga are more likely to do reckless things after a session. Then the body and spirit relax, relax and give in to desires. Then one is much more likely to overspend than if one is not mentally relaxed.

According to research, yoga practitioners are 11% more likely to make expensive purchases after a session than before.

Mute your phone

Believe it or not, your phone can also play a prank on you. When talking to someone on the phone, you are more likely to buy something unnecessary to lighten your pocket. Focusing and considering purchases must be done with full concentration if you really want to save money.

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