Singer Pink has coronavirus

Singer Pink has coronavirus
Singer Pink has coronavirus

The singer Pink shared with her fans on her social media profiles that she tested positive for the new coronavirus - COVID-19.

In her message, the singer reveals that about 2 weeks ago, she and her 3-year-old son Jamison showed symptoms of the disease and contacted their personal doctor. He had tests available and looked into them, which found the singer tested positive for the virus.

My family had already taken shelter at home and we continued to stay at home for the past two weeks following our doctor's instructions. Just a few days ago we were tested again and now the results are negative", Pink wrote on her Instagram account.

It is a dignified gesture by the singer that she notes her privileged position, that she had the opportunity to explore herself. According to her, the government has failed and is not testing enough people.

“This disease is serious and real. People need to understand that disease affects young and old, he althy and sick, rich and poor, and we need to be able to test for free and more widely to protect our children, our families, our friends and communities,” Pink adds in her message.

Grammy winner announces she is donating $500,000 to the Temple University Hospital Emergency Fund in Philadelphia to support he alth care workers fighting the disease every day. The singer notes that she is doing this in honor of her mother, Judy Moore, who worked there for 18 years.

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