Maria Bakalova, Mihaela Fileva and Miro became BG fashion icons

Maria Bakalova, Mihaela Fileva and Miro became BG fashion icons
Maria Bakalova, Mihaela Fileva and Miro became BG fashion icons

The Fashion Academy Annual Awards for Style and Success "BG Fashion Icon 2022" were presented at a sophisticated ceremony in Sofia. The new laureates are Maria Bakalova in the "Art" category, Miro in the "Music" category, Michaela Fileva in the "Music" category, Georgi Ljubenov in the "Media and Journalism" category, Desislava Stoyanova in the "Television" category and Elena Karakoleva in the "Lifestyle" category ". The nominations are traditionally for prominent lifestyle, fashion and art journalists and editors.

Maria Bakalova, who is currently engaged in shooting for another film in the USA, will receive her award additionally - when she is on home soil. She sent a special video message personally to Prof. Lyubomir Stoykov and the Academy of Fashion, in which she sincerely and emotionally thanked for the high recognition and dedicated her award to the women with the greatest credit for her style - her mother, and her personal stylist Jessica Paster.

Before the start of the revue-performance, Prof. Stoykov presented the certificates to the new "Golden Needle" grantees - Ivanina Ivanova and Raya Victor, fashion design students from the National Academy of Arts. After the award ceremony, at the invitation of Prof. Lyubomir Stoykov, they and several more of his students showed their works: Kiril Buchakchiiski, Meichi Zhou, Iva Georgieva, Raya Viktor and Ivanina Ivanova.

Albena Alexandrova - a three-time winner of the "Golden Needle" - opened the review-show of the Academy of Fashion immediately before the official ceremony. Axel Hardy, who is also the recipient of the "Golden Pin" for "Fashion Innovation", presented the Free Soul collection. For the first time in an event of the Fashion Academy, the designer Lia Kamenova and her fashion brand Reflet participated - with a debut collection. The designer of "Fashion House of 2021" - Radostina Ilieva, presented formal and bridal wear. Interesting proposals, which are intended for both ladies and gentlemen, were presented to us by fashion house "Banderol" with designers Desi and Nikola Karadamianovi. The winner of the "Golden Pin" - Mira Bachvarova, presented the outfit she made especially for "BG Fashion Icon 2022" through a unique performance. Maria Radoslavova - designer of Mia Atelier, presented an outfit that had a set of harness accessories, a hip accessory in the same style and a shoulder bag with a jacket. Designer Tanya Yan showed the Woman Inspiration collection, which is inspired by the modern and cosmopolitan woman.

Winners of the "Golden Needle" prize over the years also showed their proposals, thematically selected for the event. Dilyana Mateeva - best young designer for 2020, presented a dress made especially for the review-spectacle of the BG fashion icon. The two-time winner of the prize, Teodora Spasova, presented three outfits from her latest collection "Oracult" - spring-summer 2022, for the first time now - during the revue show. The review show before the ceremony was closed by the fashion brand "Blink" with designer Radoslava Lazarova - exclusively for "BG Fashion Icon 2022", presented her latest collection Obsession.

Among the guests who honored the event stood out: Irina Papazova, Hristo Durchev, Miroslav Pechev, Esil Duran, Mila Zaharieva, Silvia Jagarova, Yuliana Doncheva, Niki Sotirov, Ivaylo Zahariev, Sanya Borisova, Tanya Skrinska, etc.

Among the previous recipients of the award are: Raina Kabaivanska, Lili Ivanova, Maria Ilieva, Poli Genova, Ioana Bukovska, Teodora Duchovnikova, Elena Petrova, Yana Marinova, Niki Sotirov, Orlin Pavlov, Vladimir Ampov – Grafa, Niki Iliev, Kalin Vrachanski, Vladimir Karamazov, Orlin Goranov, Gala, Victoria Petrova, Tsvetanka Rizova, Valeria Veleva, Anton Hekimyan, Nikolay Doinov, Niki Kanchev, Diana Lyubenova, Yuliana Doncheva, Tanya Skrinska, Maxim Behar, Ivet Lalova, Iliana Raeva, Grigor Dimitrov, Dimitar Berbatov, Maya Antova, Iliana Alipieva, Esil Duran, Sanya Borisova, Natalie Trifonova, Kapka Amzina, Boyana Sharlopova, etc.

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