Today is Athanasovden

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Today is Athanasovden
Today is Athanasovden

On January 18th, the Orthodox Church honors the memory of Athanasius the Great, who participated in the famous Ecumenical Council in Nicaea, which brought him worldwide fame as a theologian.

According to the folk beliefs of Athanasovden, winter gathers its winds and begins to tighten its way. It is believed that on this day the saint put on a silk shirt and started shouting: "Go away, Winter, let Summer come!"

That is why on this day snowdrops are picked even before sunrise, and the first rays of the sun bestow he alth and longevity. Bread is made again and distributed to the neighboring children.

Women observe the same prohibitions that characterize Antonovden. Antonovden and Athanasovden are also celebrated as holidays of blacksmiths, ironsmiths, cutlers.

On Athanasovden in Thrace, a black chicken or hen is slaughtered, which is cooked with rice and distributed to neighbors and relatives against diseases. The feathers are preserved because they are believed to have healing powers.

On this day, women should not sew or knit because it is believed that if they prick themselves, it will not heal easily. They don't boil beans and lentils so that the children don't get sick.

Name day is celebrated by Atanas, Atanaska, Nasco, Nasca

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