It's Good Friday

It's Good Friday
It's Good Friday

Today is Good Friday (Good Friday) – the day on which God's son Jesus Christ was crucified to become a scapegoat for the sins of all mankind.

On this day of Holy Week, fasting is particularly strict – according to church tradition, one should not eat or drink today (the most zealous advocates of fasting do not even drink water). On this Friday, according to Christian tradition, no work should be done, including household work.

People say that on Good Friday the chicken doesn't sing and the nest doesn't fly.

Holy Liturgy is celebrated on Good Friday, because on that day Jesus voluntarily offered himself as a sacrifice for the salvation of all Christians. Before the start of the service, a symbolic tomb of Christ is erected on a specially raised place in the middle of the church, on which is placed the shroud with which his dead body was wrapped after he was taken down from the cross. The priest, and after him all those present at the liturgy at the end of the ritual, kiss the cross, the Holy Gospel, and finally the shroud.

Throughout the day and evening one can pass under the shroud to express our sympathy and faith. In the evening, the shroud is taken out for the evening service and it is taken around the temple as a symbolic burial of Christ. The veneration of the Shroud continues until Saturday evening, minutes before the Resurrection.

During the evening service, a symbolic funeral service for Christ is performed in front of the shroud. After leaving the temple, the chants continue with a ritual circumambulation of the temple, symbolizing the burial of Jesus. At the end of the service, the shroud is placed in the "tomb" - in the center of the temple. The worship before the shroud continues for two days, until late on Saturday night.

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