One Night on the Island - Josie Silver

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One Night on the Island - Josie Silver
One Night on the Island - Josie Silver

Cleo and Mac don't know each other, but they end up on a remote island in a luxury cabin that they have to share for a week. And their enmity begins at first sight!

Journalist Clio plans to spend her birthday in seclusion on the island and rethink her life and career. But then, key in hand, the infuriating Mac appears. He is also there to break away from his problems and return to his roots, but he did not expect that he will be living with a stranger.

Clio and Mack's acquaintance does not start well, but gradually the two discover that the company of the other is not so unpleasant to them. The sparks that fly make their days and nights special. And the time spent on the island helps them look at life with different eyes.

One Night on the Island” is a story about the joy of escapism, about what we think we want and what we really need.

Josie Silver is one of the best-loved romance authors, 1 on the New York Times since her debut novel, A Day in December. She has thousands of followers on social media and is among Reese Witherspoon's favorite writers. Her latest book, One Night on the Island, is an instant bestseller on the Amazon Charts, an Editors' Choice, and one of the most anticipated by readers.



Cleo, November 20,


Fifty days. I arrived on this island fifty days ago; I was a fish on a dry, sour girl with untrodden shoes. I'm leaving today, finally, and it's no exaggeration to say that I feel like a different woman will be stepping aboard that boat. How could it have been only fifty days? I hope I have bathed in enough of the fortifying air of Salvation to permanently seal and protect my skin. I have changed so much. Sailing conditions are good today; the sea is not calm like a lake, but it is calm enough for a safe course of the boat.

My luggage is packed and the villa is in immaculate condition. There's only time for one last cup of coffee on the front steps before Brian's man comes to carry my luggage over the hill. Yesterday was filled with tearful goodbyes, toasts at Saving Hands and promises to keep in touch. I feel like I'm leaving home, which is actually weird because I'm going home.

I can't even put into words how much I will miss Villa Otter. I take tons of pictures with my phone, the quality is nothing like Mack's, but today I want to capture everything so that when I lay in my own bed tonight, I can look at them and see him again. Maybe I'll send the pictures to Mac too when I get a strong enough internet connection to send picture messages. I am sure he will be very pleased to see the cottage again. He writes to me from time to time - three things as always, snippets of his day that reveal how difficult it is for him. Sometimes I reply with a list too. It seems to me that we are changing the rules of our agreement rather than breaking them. Holiday love burns bright and then goes out - the wording is mine. I guess I didn't realize how slowly the heat goes out.

I spill my cold coffee on the sand by the stairs and sigh. Oh, Emma Watson, did I get even a little bit closer to the meaning of your words? Did I betray you? I didn't marry myself the way I planned when I got here, and I certainly wasn't my mate at all for eight tumultuous days in the middle of my stay, but I actually think I've been my mate in an extremely effective way since then. Me, my plaid blanket and my beloved laptop full of words. We are one; if the boat gets stuck in the ocean later, I'll cling to these two things until they save me.

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