The tastiest cities in the world

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The tastiest cities in the world
The tastiest cities in the world

We travel more and more. If we are one of those who love eating or are sophisticated gourmet lovers, it is good to know which are the the tastiest cities in the world The ranking was made by Forbes. 50 cities from all over the world have been rated as the tastiest cities. The questions were asked to 10,000 people from 20 countries.


Paris is Number 1 not only in terms of deliciousness, as is well known, but it also takes the place of the tastiest city. In addition to its wonderful pastries, produced by almost every neighborhood patisserie, Paris also ranks first for the most delicious steak and fries, according to the authoritative ranking.


“See Rome and die” they say. Well, apart from seeing, apparently Rome is also worth tasting, according to the ranking, which puts it in second place. It is more than clear what the main delicacies there are – pizza, Caprese sandwiches and ice cream.


In third place is the Japanese capital, with its undeniably famous sashimi and robatayaki rolls, as well as the classic – beef with onions, garnished with rice.

Followed by Barcelona, Mexico City, as well as three Chinese cities – Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai.

Well, lovers of delicious food - if you have been hesitant until now - you can now clearly outline the destinations of your delicious journeys!

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