Children's sandwiches

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Children's sandwiches
Children's sandwiches


There may be naughty children, but there are certainly no children who do not like to play and have fun. My personal opinion is that when hungry, even the meanest child will ask for something to eat, but here are some fun ways to get your child to pay attention to food. You can make fun sandwiches in the shape of his favorite objects and animals. We will briefly describe a few ideas, and you can let your imagination run wild and add to the collection. If you can't think of exactly what to cook, your child will certainly have great ideas, but the harder part is figuring out how to make them happen.

Crab sandwich - this is the easiest sandwich possible to make. We take two half-slices of bread / it is better for this type of sandwich to use factory cut ones, because they are uniform in thickness / spread them with butter or margarine, put sausage or cheese in the middle. In this case, the decoration is important - we form the head of the crab from the stuffed slices. You can make it red - with lutenica or toasted red pepper; white - with cheese. The eyes can be made of round pieces of bread, circles of egg white, and for pupils - olives or kernels of corn. You can also use corn kernels for stylized teeth. Cut into two circles of sausage can represent the legs of the crab. Using these basic instructions with different variations, you can make any other sandwiches - ladybugs, beetles or turtles.

Sandwich - a giraffe - its legs can be made from s alted cheese, its body from yellow cheese or another type of hard cheese, its neck again from s alted cheese or a wooden skewer, and its head again from a type of hard cheese. In fact, if a child eats this magnificent giraffe, he will eat 100 grams of cheese with all children's favorite crunchy s altines. It's more fun to make the brown spots on the giraffe with olive bits instead of food coloring. You can decorate the sandwich with some exotic plant made from, for example, a cucumber or another favorite vegetable.

Sandwich - swan - the body can be made from a piece of melted cheese, the wings from the white of a boiled egg, the neck from half a s alt, the head from a small egg /quail/, etc. If you feel more involved, you can make a pond of blue colored gelatin.

A snail sandwich is also made extremely easily from half a hard-boiled egg placed on half a hot dog cut lengthwise, with corn on the cob strung on toothpicks.

Sandwich - motor. It could be made from bread and various types of sausage, carrot, turnip, etc. for making wheels. The motor itself is formed from the crust of the bread, circles of tires are cut out of bread, sausage, turnip. The rudder is formed with the help of solets, corn kernels can be used for headlights.

Hundreds of other ideas can be given, but in my opinion the most important thing is the imagination in processing the available products. Making this type of sandwich doesn't take as much time as you might imagine. When you do several such magics - the temptation for the child is great. It's no longer just a cheese and salami slice, it's a challenge to try the bear's ear, the dinosaur's head, the chicken's body, and as he tries each sandwich bit by bit, he'll have imperceptibly eaten more food than usual. And you'll certainly have fun too, and instead of being nervous, you'll feel happy that someone appreciated your delicious creation.

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