Colorful clothes stimulate the brain and balance us

Colorful clothes stimulate the brain and balance us
Colorful clothes stimulate the brain and balance us

There are many theories about color healing and the effect of different colors on our brain, senses and body. According to astrology each day of the week is governed by a certain planet, color and musical note.

Ayurveda – the ancient science of he alth and longevity – teaches us the same. If a single color predominates in our clothes and surroundings, we can become mentally and physically upset. That is why Indian women wear multi-colored sarees in all colors of the rainbow and in all shades of colors. This is what Stella Hristova and Asya Ivanova tell in the introductory lecture before the seminars on Indian beauty.

Dressing every day in a different color, we will be balanced and harmoniousIn case it is difficult for us to achieve it, we can make a schedule for each day of the week. Let's remember that there are other colors besides austere gray and black, cold dark blue and neutral dark brown.

In the Indian tradition, the sari carries symbolism in its colors. So they will know what you do, what is your social status, what is your emotional state by the sari. Here are some of them:

Green is the color of farmers, of people who are engaged in growing produce, animal husbandry;

Blue - in India it was worn by Muslims and manual workers - artisans;

Red – love, passion; a woman dresses in red on her wedding day.

White – of asceticism, of spiritual purity; Indian women wear white in times of mourning, or when they take the path of monasticism. If you see pictures of Mother Teresa, who lived in India for many years, it is no accident that she is dressed in white. Pure white is the nun's garment;

Yellow – of intelligence, creative thinking energy;

Yellow – saffron, orange – of renunciation, stimulates intelligence; if you study - wear yellow more often.

“Often we have prejudices that certain colors don't go together and don't wear together - explains Stella. - In India they don't think like that. There you can meet amazing and various combinations.

Another obstacle can be our perception that a certain color does not suit us or we have an insurmountable dislike for it. It is in this case that we should try to wear it, so that our body does not suffer from lack of it, and we will be surprised to find that something tiny, some quality or feeling in us is unlocked and changed.

In our latitude, especially in winter, we should try to put more colors on ourselves - so our thinking and day will be lively, balanced and harmonious. And since not every woman can wear a saree, it's a good idea to buy colorful scarves and change them every day.

Next is a continuation about colors in astrology.

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