Is nail art bad for your nails?

Is nail art bad for your nails?
Is nail art bad for your nails?

In the busy daily life of today's woman, there is rarely time for a manicure every week. And the appearance of the hands is of particular importance. They are one of the first things we are introduced to in society. Sort of like our business card. Therefore, it is of great importance that they are remarkable.

For those who don't have time for frequent manicure maintenance, nail gel is suitable. It lasts up to 2-3 weeks, you don't need to do anything to maintain them, you can to do all daily activities. However, there are some negative effects that these treatments can have on your nails.

Here are some of them:

Sometimes the condition of the nails may be an expression of some disease that we do not suspect. When they are covered with nail gel or shellac that stays on the nails for a long time, it can prevent symptoms from appearing on the nails. If there are any, it will be known only after the artificial manicure is removed. So, covering your nails for a longer period of time might not be a very good idea.

The procedure for removing this type of manicure is quite aggressive to the nails. In order to remove it, it is necessary to immerse the nails for some time in acetone to dissolve the gel. After that, the remains of varnish are scraped with a metal spatula from the base of the cuticles of the nail, which is quite harmful and often thins the surface of the nail plate.

In some more severe cases, even infections can occur In addition to thinning of the nail, peeling of the nail plate can occur or even staphylococcal infection This bacteria is stubborn and sometimes resistant to antibiotic treatment, so it's a good idea to do everything you can to avoid it. In addition to staphylococcal infection, scratches on the nails and cuticles can favor the development of a fungal infection.

Most dermatologists recommend to refrain from frequent use of such procedures. However, if you occasionally need to beautify your nails with nail art, keep in mind the listed harmful influences. A glamorous manicure is every woman's dream, but is it worth it if the consequences for your nails are disastrous?

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