The year of the White Rabbit and the lucky ones

The year of the White Rabbit and the lucky ones
The year of the White Rabbit and the lucky ones

According to the Chinese lunisolar astrological calendar, this year starts from 2011-03-02 and ends on January 22, 2012 and is marked with the sign of.

The White Rabbit is believed to bring justice, trust, love and purity and bring new positive emotions, so we can expect a peaceful and loving year. Let's not forget that last year was under the sign of the Tiger and was riddled with controversy and anxiety.

According to the Chinese now peaceful days, favorable deals, new pleasant acquaintances, new love are coming.

According to them only in this year everything you invested will return with its interest. So don't hesitate to buy, invest and if you are more calculating and flexible you can advance your career fast

The rabbit, as we know from the fairy tales, is very fearful and this quality is again embedded in the horoscope. But as it happens with the fairy tales of horoscopes, every negative trait of the given zodiac sign is compensated by at least one other positive one - in this case - with hospitality, tranquility and coziness.

The rabbit is very romantic, loving and devoted and if you have decided to get married, 2011 will be ideal for the purpose - marriages will be harmonious, successful and filled with many affection and love. And if you happen to have a child in the year of the White Rabbit, expect him to be very gifted, but also extremely free-spirited. Remember that the Chinese Rabbit is a symbol of fertility and abundance

The rabbit patronizes people of art and science, so if you are one of them, expect a stir in your creative plans and start working hard.

In some regions, this sign is also called the Cat, because people born under this sign are lively and overcome any difficulties, they are persistent and never fall on their backs until they arrange things as they understand them and as they feel happy.

The element of the White Rabbit is metal so if you want to furnish your home, according to the Chinese horoscope, take out the metal vases, candlesticks, pots, fruit bowls and whatever other objects you have

The fashion for clothes in the year of the Rabbit will be natural materials cotton and wool mainly, and pastel colors, as well as yellow, orange and silver

And who will benefit the most this year? Naturally those born in the year of the Rabbit and for our generation they are those born in 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011 We list them a bit like getting used to the vaccination sets, but you can check if you or someone close to you was born under this interesting Chinese sign, as well as check if any of the above qualities and beauties of the Rabbit will not materialize and among you. To be lucky enough to fall in love, get married, or invest wisely with a big profit

We wish you many good things and benefit from the good sides and good traits of the Chinese White Rabbit.

Famous people born in the year of the White Rabbit are: Angelina Jolie, Edith Piaf, Drew Barrymore, Kate Winslet, Tina Turner and many more.

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