What are the possible causes of peeling nails?

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What are the possible causes of peeling nails?
What are the possible causes of peeling nails?

Many women have this problem - peeling and splitting nails. In most cases, it is not about any he alth problem or disease, but about lifestyle and habits that we have in our daily life, for example, washing dishes often without gloves, insufficient hydration of the skin of the hands, unhe althy diet.

What are the possible causes of nails starting to peel, split and break?

Excessive dryness

Most household surface disinfectants and dishwashing detergents are too aggressive for the delicate nature of nails and hand skin. The chemicals in them are one possible reason for their weakness.


Extremes are never a good option. Neither dryness nor excessive moisturizing are good for nails. If you over-hydrate, it can make the nails too elastic and brittle. At the slightest pressure or bending, their layers separate and break more easily.

Be careful with your manicure too

Too frequent visits to your manicurist may be at the root of the problem of splitting nails. Gel polishes and UV curing lamps are aggressive and can thin the top layer of the nails. In addition, the frequent and long-term use of acetone to remove the densely baked layers of varnish further damages their structure.


Iron deficiency anemia is also one of the possible causes of poor nail he alth. In addition to this symptom, anemia also causes headaches, feeling cold, bad breath, and dizziness.

Thyroid Disease

Weakness in hair and nails is usually seen with reduced thyroid function. It is accompanied by dry skin, memory problems, depression, constipation, weight gain, fatigue.

Raynaud's Syndrome

Raynaud's syndrome is characterized by a very poor blood supply to the extremities and especially the fingers and toes. Because of this, little nutrients and oxygen reach the nails, causing the nails to suffer.

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