Furnishing with pouf furniture - more and more modern

Furnishing with pouf furniture - more and more modern
Furnishing with pouf furniture - more and more modern

What is a pouf – a soft stool, a modern armchair or just a comfortable corner where you can relax and rest

The pouf really is all that and more. It can be made from different types of leather, damasks and fabrics, with eco leather being definitely the most preferred. The animal eco leather with fine hair brings the feeling of luxury and comfort. Usually, during production, an inner and outer case is made, for greater ease of cleaning. You just wash the outer cover and your sofa is clean and fresh again

Poufs are suitable for relaxation, for greater chic in reception areas in offices, for cozy corners in bars and cafes, as well as for the lobbies of Spa centers. Since they perfectly fit the shape of the body, they are recommended for pregnant women. They are also preferred by people who spend a long time in front of the computer: computer specialists and gamers

Of course, the children are not forgotten either. For them, poufs are real fun, because they are light, bright, multi-colored and are made in incredibly fun shapes - such as children's imagination can create: flowers, turtles, apples, pears, soccer balls… You can practically order anything

The apple-type poufs, for example, are approximately 100 by 110 cm, 50 cm high and weigh around 5 kg. Children's are smaller - 60 cm and 30 cm high.

And lovers of pets: kittens and dogs can furnish them with an incredibly soft and comfortable bed. These kind and generous creatures deserve it. Here I must specify that before you order a bed for your pet, you must be convinced that his favorite activity is not tearing up the furniture. We are not responsible if one day you come home and find the house covered in white fluffy balls, like after photos with artificial snow. But even then, don't lose your presence of mind, take out the video camera and make videos with amazed, angry and shocked faces. You are guaranteed to have unforgettable memories

The only thing you need to have when you decide to buy ottomans is space They are light but take up space. If you have a spacious living room or a large summer terrace, go straight to these light, easy-to-maintain and incredibly comfortable furniture

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