5 ways to stimulate nail growth

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5 ways to stimulate nail growth
5 ways to stimulate nail growth

If you dream of longer nails that are not only beautiful, but also he althy, then you need to change some of your habits that are probably harming them and preventing them from growing quickly. To enjoy the manicure you want to have, here are some tips to achieve it.

Emphasis on oils and serums

If you haven't used growth-stimulating oils and special nail serums or creams before, start doing so. Make this a must-have part of your beauty routine. The use of cuticle oils stimulates growth and strengthens the nail plate.

Best oils for this purpose are almond, coconut, castor oil.

The less the better

If you want he althy and fast-growing nails, follow the principle "small is better". The less you treat your nails, polish them, apply gel polish, cut them and allow them to break, the he althier they will be. Like hair, nails begin to grow faster on their own when left to their natural state.

Keep them from breaking

Careless exploitation of nails leads to their delamination, bending and breaking. Filing with a nail file is also risky if you use a file that is too rough. Rough files cause micro-injuries to the nails, which are a prerequisite for their weakening and breakage.

Focus on he alth from within

If you don't eat the right foods, your nails won't thank you. To provoke their rapid growth, strength and shine, consume foods useful for the purpose. These include protein (pork, fish, legumes), biotin (eggs, salmon), zinc (green beans, cashews) and iron (beef, spinach, kale).

Take nutritional supplements

If you don't get enough biotin, zinc and iron through food, take nutritional supplements designed specifically for nail growth. It is good that they also contain antioxidants plus B vitamins.

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