5 stones with incredible healing power

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5 stones with incredible healing power
5 stones with incredible healing power

Nature has given us amazing wonders in the form of magic stones. Stone healing dates back thousands of years. Today we have the opportunity to wear a large part of them in the form of jewelry and achieve balance within ourselves. We share the magical power of 5 amazing stones to make a part of your daily life.

Lapis Lazuli

Incredible blue, combined with gray, purple and sometimes greenish elements. The solid blue stone was used as far back as Ancient Egypt to make jewelry that was believed to bring a certain power to its wearers. When to wear lapis lazuli jewelry?

If you want to strengthen the relationship with your loved one and achieve understanding, wear the stone more often.

Its blue color will have a calming effect on you, especially if you work in a large team and often have to speak in front of an audience. Lapis lazuli also helps with nervous exhaustion, insomnia,gives energy and self-confidence.


An amazing stone in black or dark red color known as the black pearl. Hematite has an amazing metallic sheen. What can it help you with? Hematite is recommended to be worn by those people who suffer from diseases of the blood and urinary tract.

In ancient times it was worn by warriors to give them more courage. Wear it also when you want to achieve inner peace, to have more love in your life, to increase concentration and eliminate negative energy.


Labradorite (also found somewhere under the name labrador)

Incredibly beautiful stone in green, gray shades with a metallic sheen and colorful accents. Labradorite has magical power.

It will help you relieve stress, bone problems, helps with infertility, both male and female. When you want to encourage creativity and keep your work running smoothly, you can once again trust the power of the Labrador.


Wearing turquoise will bring you much happiness and financial prosperity. The beautiful blue stone will also bring peace to your home. So buy yourself a figurine that contains a piece of him.

Turquoise also helps people who suffer from diseases of the liver, stomach, with headaches. The stone is considered a symbol of morality, loy alty, helps to improve personal life. Highly valued and worn in Tibet.


A dark green stone that has the ability to purify from negative energies. It is recommended to be worn by people who suffer from kidney disease, high blood pressure, digestive system dysfunction, menstrual problems, diabetes, heart problems. Serpentine increases energy and positive attitude.

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