On June 13, Mercury enters Gemini – it's time for success

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On June 13, Mercury enters Gemini – it's time for success
On June 13, Mercury enters Gemini – it's time for success

On June 3, the retrograde phase of Mercury ended and everything became somewhat lighter. When the planet of communication "moves" backwards, not only is there confusion in conversations with others, but problems with travel, technology, project delays are also possible.

On June 13, Mercury will re-enter Gemini, which is also the ruling planet. Gemini is a mutable and airy sign. We may feel a bit of déjà vu about what happened to us between April 29 and May 22, when Mercury was last in Gemini. Now, however, the planet is moving full speed ahead, which is great news for any endeavor that requires travel or simply expressing your point of view.

What can we expect when Mercury is in Gemini?

Mercury, which is responsible not only for communication, transportation and technology, but also for the way we express ourselves and receive information, as mentioned, is already the ruler of Gemini. When he moves through this sign, he feels comfortable and his energy is enhanced.

However, Mercury in Gemini energy is boisterous, talkative, curious and social. A mutable air zodiac sign can prompt us to reach out to others and gather all the information available to us. Now we will feel a breath of fresh air to learn new things, plan our ideas, start impromptu conversations.


Mercury will remain in Gemini until July 5th,but will connect with other planets creating various astrological events.

On June 20 Mercury will be in a good position to Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, which recently entered Aries. Jupiter expands everything it comes into contact with, and in this case it will make it easier to capitalize on the high mental energy synonymous with Mercury in Gemini. Some will find a new job, others will start earning more money, achieve success.

On July 2 Mercury will form a harmonious trine with Saturn, the planet of boundaries and commitment, which is in Aquarius. Then on the same day, he will face Neptune, the planet of mysticism and dreams. This is definitely not the best day to sign documents and make important decisions, as our judgment may be clouded.

While Mercury is in Gemini, we have good prerequisites for purchases, creation of business ideas. Despite the positive vibes, we shouldn't rush into anything, not even love. Some people may feel more tense and nervous.

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