Rosemary smells like happiness

Rosemary smells like happiness
Rosemary smells like happiness

The rosemary with its official Latin name (Rosmarinus officinalis) and the common Babin kosam is widespread in our country too

The history of rosemary is quite long. It was known in Egypt and people then believed that it brought happiness. No wonder today when we look at it, spread out in soft green tufts with delicate flowers, we also feel something nice, fresh and the world begins to look more beautiful and better.

Rosemary is most easily planted from cuttings. It is ideal for landscaping the garden. It grows in beautiful green tufts and blooms with delicate flowers. Different species are selected, with different colors: white, blue, purple, pink flowers.

If you don't have a garden - don't worry - rosemary can also be grown in a pot but you need to prune it more often.

You should keep in mind that rosemary loves heat and light

Rosemary is not only a beautiful decoration for the garden, room or balcony, but also a very useful herb and an interesting spice.

If you have already planted rosemary at home, keep in mind that you should harvest it for seasoning in the second year during flowering. It can be dried in bunches or you can just peel the petals and dry them that way. But if you already have rosemary at home, you don't need to dry it, because it is an evergreen plant, and when you need it, you can pick as much as you need - idealna bilka - both beautiful, and useful, and always at hand at home

Rosemary can make you beautiful, he althy, toned and turn you into a magician in the kitchen.

In cuisine rosemary is used in both sweet and savory dishes. You can use it for marinade, fish dishes, game, lamb, to season rice, homemade bread, fish dishes, game, lamb, etc.

Shredded or finely chopped, it can flavor cabbage and carrot salads, tomatoes, potatoes, as an additive for spaghetti or pizza sauce, soft cheeses, dough.

And also for egg cream and homemade ice cream.

In a word, if you have rosemary on hand, you can experiment and decide for yourself where and in what doses to put it, according to your taste.

Cooks say it's not good to put rosemary in dishes you've already decided to put parsley, basil or tarragon in because it will kill their flavor.

As a herb it is used to strengthen the immune system, improve tone and invigorate, improve digestion, stimulate bile secretion.

And thanks to these qualities it is used to recover the sick. It is believed to work well for cold sores, wound healing, white discharge and other ailments.

Of course, if you decide to use rosemary as an herb for a long time, (as well as any other herb) you should carefully study its properties and consider whether it is good to drink it for a long time.

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