Jamie and Jimmy Fight Club Season 4

Jamie and Jimmy Fight Club Season 4
Jamie and Jimmy Fight Club Season 4

Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty are back for a new series cooking up great food at their Southend-on-Sea quayside joint. Childhood friends Jamie and Jimmy will show you how to make stunning treats designed to add culinary wow factor to your weekends.

Jamie cooks amazing recipes to share with family and friends, including Asian Seafood, Spicy Lamb Flatbread, Gurkha Curry Chicken, Mega Meatball Sandwich and Sea and Land Stew.

At the same time, Jimmy explores the foods we buy ready-made but could easily make at home, from smoked salmon to homemade sourdough bread, mozzarella and freshly brewed coffee. They would all taste so much better if you made them yourself, and you'd know exactly what they contained anyway.

Plus, a whole bunch of famous friends join in to learn how to cook the best version of their favorite dishes. Among them are Orlando Bloom, Goldie Hawn and David Tennant, Jack Whitehall, Anna Friel and Fearnie Cotton.

The boys are back on the road again to continue their anti-food waste initiative, focusing on unloved but tasty ingredients including goat meat, Norwegian lobster, herring and some more unpleasant-looking vegetables.

Don't miss from October 10, every Monday at 1:30 PM on 24Kitchen.

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