Old age is a gift

Old age is a gift
Old age is a gift

Marty and her new story from the column "Martina's Diary".

If she were alive today, Grandma would be 92 years old. He loved to sing old town songs. He wrote letters and sent cards all over the world. In the summer, she wore a wide-brimmed hat and a floral dress. On June 1st, we drew with chalks on the asph alt and ate ice cream.

And on Christmas we hummed "Alder Forest". My grandmother made amazing meatballs and always had a deep hidden reserve of sweet treats. Regardless of the fact that he was diabetic. He expertly explained that a woman's figure should be like a Coca-Cola bottle.

Baba was the soul of the company and loved life. He was not afraid of old age. He accepted difficulties with a smile.

The memory of her entered my head when work met me with another amazing woman - Grandma Veselia from Montana! Her meager pension of BGN 236 and a broken leg do not prevent her from being a crazy person. At the age of 81, he jumps with a parachute. To fill the void left by her husband's death. She loves adrenaline, clouds, airplanes, the feeling of being alive.

I admire such people. Who easily accept the time measured by the hands of the clock. Who do not hide their white hairs and are proud of the freckles on their already wrinkled hands. For them there is no golden age, for them every day is a gift. For them, old age as a distance gives a double charm.

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