Young and ambitious

Young and ambitious
Young and ambitious

When you pursue your dreams and when you achieve your goal - you can say: "Trust us to feel unique". <P are the words of Gergana Simeonova - born in 1973 in Blagoevgrad. He graduated from the National Humanities High School - art class, specialized in the Blagoevgrad Textile Technical College and in 1996 graduated with a major in "Painting and Fashion" from the Free Academy of Modern Art "Jules Paskin" Sofia. A natural ending is the "Simon" fashion house, which the designer Gergana Simeonova created.

<P what was your dream job as a child?

<P child I dreamed of doing fine arts and in particular becoming a teacher of fine and applied arts. The idea of a fashion designer was born in the eighth grade, when I was already studying at a specialized high school for fine arts.

<P are your professional ambitions now?

<P you know in the world of art there are always undiscovered horizons and for an artist it is a real challenge to discover them.

<P times when you find it difficult professionally as a woman? Or do you feel discriminated against or facilitated by your gender?

<P The problems in my profession do not stem from my being a woman. I think that there are many emancipated women in Bulgaria at the moment and men are gradually getting used to it.

<P take stock of your journey, what would you point to as your greatest success?

<P personal plan the big success is my daughter Simona, who is only two years old, and professionally – the creation of a good team with which I can realize my creative pursuits as a designer.

<P which do you spend more time on, your family or your profession?

<I try to combine these two things, but as you can guess I don't always succeed. Sometimes I can't shake the guilt that I don't pay enough attention to my family.

<P what would you like to teach your children?

<P hard work, self-respect, initiative, struggle and to draw with full handfuls of the joys of life.

<Would you send a message to Bulgarian women?

<P be brave and enterprising and fight for your dreams.

<P color? A song? Taste? Place?

<P two months I have a new favorite color; all of Madonna; sweet and sour; Prague.

<P recipe? Something you enjoy cooking for your family and friends?

<P chicken with vegetables according to my own recipe.

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