Bulgarian culinary traditions

Bulgarian culinary traditions
Bulgarian culinary traditions

The diversity of Bulgarian cuisine is incredible, it has gathered the culinary skills of our people and brought dishes from the Balkan region. Bulgarian customs and traditions are always associated with a rich meal, a symbol of fertility, he alth and well-being.

Bulgarian cuisine is extremely spicy, tasty and he althy. Since ancient times, our people have known very well and selected different types of spices

One of the most characteristic is saubricitsa, used in almost all Bulgarian feasts, and also caloferche for preparing lamb, as well as samardalafor flavoring salads and chicken meat, chimen for kaisering meats, jojen and many other forest herbs

An irreplaceable factor when preparing the dish is marinating before any heat treatment, as each part of Bulgaria has a specific way of cooking and customs

Dishes from the Ban region such as "Banski chomlek", "Banska kapama", "Chufki" are extremely characteristic.

The Melniška region is also interesting with its wide selection of red wines and nice appetizers such as "Katino meze" or "Melniška klopanica". Melnik is also known for its delicious desserts – Melnik banja with Turkish delight, banja with pumpkin or homemade biscuit cake

The Koprivshten area is rich in home-made appetizers such as "Sausage", sausages, sudzus and sausages, and the Zheravne region is characterized by game cuisine– "Quails on the grill", "Boar on the tile", "Deer in the oven" and others

Our national cuisine is vast, therefore - come, be our customer, feel our Bulgarian hospitality, try our rich menu with real Bulgarian feasts and fragrant wines!

“Hajidraganovi houses” – hospitality in Bulgarian!


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