The exoticism of Thailand captivated Sofia

The exoticism of Thailand captivated Sofia
The exoticism of Thailand captivated Sofia

For 3 whole days, Sofia had the good fortune to explore, hear, see and experience the culture of distant Thailand. On June 10, 11 and 12, various Thai arts and crafts were presented in the Boris Garden.

A long line of stalls displayed traditional Thai porcelain; varnished wood; flower sculptures; miniature replicas of food - confectionery, fruit and vegetables, whole stores the size of children's mini toys; local children's games, musical instruments; masks; sun umbrellas; fans, silks; demonstrations of carving and sugar figures. Many Thai artists - musicians and dancers - appeared on the summer stage.

There were demonstrations of muay thai and kick boxing. The little ones could make mini cupcakes or play traditional musical instruments. The entertainment was curious for adults and children, and the cameras didn't stop clicking.

The longest line was in front of the Thai food stall. Several times a day, a special van loaded exotic dishes. Visitors to the festival had the opportunity to try rose juice, several types of spaghetti and rice, skewers and traditional Thai sweets.

"Thai Culture Festival 2011" is the first of its kind in Bulgaria. The event was organized by the Embassy of Thailand together with the Ministry of Culture and Sofia Municipality, and its goal is to familiarize more Bulgarians with the traditions and lifestyle of the exotic country.

Funds from all sold items and tickets will be provided to the Metropolitan Municipality for cultural projects.

Photo author: Laura

Photo 1 – Thai artists; Photo 2 – decorations with flowers; Picture 3 - Thai Miniatures

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Colorful decoration from Thailand

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