How to lose 70 kg with steaks and butter

How to lose 70 kg with steaks and butter
How to lose 70 kg with steaks and butter

To lose over 30 kilos in a year without excluding steaks from the menu. Yes, it is completely achievable. This is proved by Atanas Uzunov and Alexander Saramandov, who visited "Bulgaria in the morning" to share the secret of success in the battle with excess weight.

Uzunov's example inspired more than 250 thousand people on social networks. Saramandov, on the other hand, lost 65 kilograms, following the advice of Atanas.

“I was 140 kilos, now I'm 73-74. I had a hard time finding the way, we went through all the diets. Kindergarten tours, running and nothing happened. I had to take matters into my own hands. This is a diet that excludes all carbohydrates – bread, dough, sugar. Getting into ketosis. In this way, we burn the fat on us and improve our he alth from brain to bones", nutritionist Atanas Uzunov told Bulgaria ON AIR.

He already relies on full-fat cheese, butter, eggs, vegetables, fish and periodically fasts from 15 to 36 hours.

We consume only natural fats, emphasized Alexander Saramandov. For him, breakfast should be excluded, unless a person takes medication in the morning. And if you have breakfast, you should eat 1-2 boiled eggs and some cheese.

“It is good to have at least 5-6 hours between lunch and dinner. It is recommended to avoid iodized s alt," Alexander added.

Both men do not play sports. They insist that food comes first for a person's he alth. According to Atanas and Alexander, Bulgarians in general do not know how and what to eat.

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