Awakening by Norah Roberts

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Awakening by Norah Roberts
Awakening by Norah Roberts

About the book

When she is little, Breen's father tells her stories about magical places. For a world with two moons and brave warriors, for magical creatures and centuries-old traditions.

Today, Breen is a troubled young woman with massive student debt and a job she hates. One day she realizes that before her father disappeared from her life, he opened a bank account in her name. And there's almost four million dollars in the account that her mother hid from her.

Such a condition could change Breen's life. But little does she know that by using some of it for a long-desired trip to Ireland, she'll find answers to questions she never knew she wanted to ask.

Here she will learn who the silver haired man is who has been chasing her for some time. And why she hears his voice whispering in her head, “Come home, Breen Siobhan. It's time to come home".

And also why he dreams of dragons. And that there is a magical portal that will take her to the land of the fairies, where her true destiny awaits.

About the author

>Nora Roberts was born in Silver Spring, Maryland, the youngest of five children. He attended a Catholic school and married his school sweetheart at the age of nineteen. The two settled in Maryland in a house that the author still lives in today. For a while she worked as a secretary, but she didn't feel out of place. After the birth of her sons, she stayed at home and did a variety of things until she discovered her calling - writing women's novels. After several revisions and rejections, her first book appeared, published by "Silhouette" in 1981.

>In 2007, Times magazine named Nora Roberts one of the 100 most influential people in the world. Over the past 30 years, an average of 27 Nora Roberts books have been sold every minute. Her novels are published in over 34 countries. Her Facebook page has over 590,000 followers.

>In the past year, IC "Hermes" delighted readers with new editions and a beautiful new layout of the exciting "Hotel" trilogy, as well as a new title in the detective series Eve Dallas. Now they are about to dive into the exciting trilogy about magic and love - "Heart of the Dragon".

> Snippet

The throbbing pain in Breen Kelly's head intensified as she rode the bus that seemed to be suffering from severe bouts of hiccups. She'd had a terrible day (which, thankfully, was coming to an end), but it was only part of a terrible week in a terrible month-or rather, two months.

She kept reminding herself that she should be more cheerful. It was Friday, which meant he had two whole days before he had to go back into the classroom and try to teach literature to elementary school students.

Naturally, she would spend a good portion of those two days grading tests and preparing lessons, but at least she wouldn't be in the classroom with all those eyes on her-some bored, some carried away, and just a small part of them filled with hope. No, she wasn't going to stand in front of them and feel inadequate and out of place just like a high school girl who would rather be anywhere else in the universe right now than in the classroom.

Remind yourself that teaching is still the most respected, fulfilling, meaningful and vital profession.

Unfortunately though, she didn't handle it well.

The bus hiccupped again at its next stop, a few people got off, others got on. She watched them. She was good at observing because it was much easier than actively participating in something.

He saw the woman in the gray sweatpants with a phone in her hand and an extremely exhausted look. Breen figured she was a single mom coming home from work checking on her kids on the phone. She must have never imagined that her life could be so difficult.

Or the two teenagers in tank tops, Adidas shorts and with headphones in their ears. They went to see friends, play basketball, eat pizza, watch a movie. Breen envied their age - for them the weekend meant nothing but fun.

And the man in black… He was looking straight at her, studying her with his eyes, so she looked away from him. He looked familiar to her. Why did she think she knew him? He had silvered hair that looked like a mane, and Breen decided it must be some college professor. But not. Some professor on the bus wouldn't make her mouth dry and her heart pounding so hard. She had the terrifying fear that he would get up and move next to her. If she did, she wouldn't be able to get off the bus. She would just keep riding and riding, going nowhere, like she was trapped.

She knew it was crazy, but she didn't care. She stood up abruptly and hurried to the front door, her briefcase slamming into her thigh. She didn't dare look at him a second time, but she had to pass very close to him to get to the door, and though he stepped a little to one side, she felt her hand brush lightly against his as she passed him.

Her lungs collapsed and her legs buckled. Someone asked her if she was okay, and she limped toward the door. She could hear his voice in her head: Come home, Breen Siobhan. Time to come home.

He gripped the handle tightly to keep his balance and almost tripped on the steps before running away. She could feel people staring at her and turning their heads after her in astonishment, and that only made things worse. He hated attracting attention and always tried to blend in with the crowd and just not stand out.

The bus wheezed past her again.

Though the air wheezed in and out of her lungs, the tension in her chest eased. He told himself to slow down and just keep walking like a normal person. It took her a minute to succeed and another to get her bearings.

She hadn't had a panic attack this bad since the night before her first day of school at Grady Elementary. Then Marco, her best friend since kindergarten, had helped her deal with it, as well as another less severe one that occurred before her first parent-teacher meeting.

“He's just some guy on the bus,” she told herself. "He's not a threat, for God's sake!"

Besides, she hadn't heard him speak in her head at all. To believe you can hear other people's thoughts is true madness.

So her mother had been hammering it into her mind ever since… as long as she could remember?

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