Quick ideas and "Homeland" gourmet in MasterChef

Quick ideas and "Homeland" gourmet in MasterChef
Quick ideas and "Homeland" gourmet in MasterChef

Tomorrow evening at 21:30 bTV viewers will see the start of the MasterChef competition for the 16 best hobby chefs in Bulgaria. Only one of them will turn from an amateur into a master and take home the grand prize of BGN 100,000. And that will be possible if he can brilliantly handle the three rounds of trials every week until the final.

On the first day, the participants must impress the jury with wit and creativity. In the second day of battles, the best will fight for the symbol of immunity, and the worst performers will go to a stress test. On the third day, at least one of the hobby chefs will leave the competition. In the culinary arena, only the brave survive, and the game begins with the MasterChef box.

The magnificent 16 will have to invent, prepare and present a dish with all or some of the ingredients, and the strict and fair jury will taste only the three best dishes. Victor, Peter and Andre's big surprise is that each participant's box contains their ten favorite products and exactly 60 minutes to turn them into a true gourmet masterpiece.

Would they not go astray and prepare home cooking or create a complete impression of knife and ladle artists? The winner of the MasterChef box will get to choose the main product that everyone will cook with in the creativity test.

Under the title "Homeland" Viktor, Petar and Andre will offer Thracian pheasant, rice and apples, Rylo-Rhodope potatoes, forest mushrooms and roe or Danube bulgur, rabbit and grapes. But the surprises are yet to come - who will survive the challenge, what strategies will predetermine the course of the game and what does the modern gourmet interpretation of traditional Bulgarian cuisine look like?

In the mission to preserve and enrich culinary traditions, the chefs will face the stress of running out of time, the high demands of the expert jury and their own ambition to win.

Do edible jewelry help, do hobby chefs respect food products enough, will vegetarian Sevda prefer to prepare meatless dishes and who will throw down the first gauntlet for a culinary duel in the kitchen of MasterChef, watch tomorrow night.

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