Bulgarian Christmas traditions and customs

Bulgarian Christmas traditions and customs
Bulgarian Christmas traditions and customs

Christmas is one of the brightest Christian holidays. According to an old tradition, the holiday is also called Christmas, Bozhik or Big Christmas.

Christmas is celebrated for 3 days – from December 25, when the Christ Child is born, to December 27. Early in the morning on the first day of Christmas, people go to church in festive clothes. A festive mass for he alth and prosperity is celebrated.

Once upon a time in the village there was a festive dance on the megdan, in which young and old participated. On the holiday table after the long Christmas fast, meat dishes, sumptuous pies with meat or cheese, stuffed chickens, pork, sauerkraut, pastrami, fried meatballs are placed.

According to an old folk tale, the days between December 25th and January 7th are marked by evil demons who hover in the dark. Because of this, people did not go out for any occasion until the sun rose. The belief is believed to be related to the baptism of Jesus which takes place on January 7 when John the Baptistbaptized him in the Jordan River.

The 12 days were also called "dirty", "pagan" or "Karakonzhov" because the evil demons ran wild with their unclean powers. To protect themselves from them, people not only did not go outside in the dark, but women did not wash, weave or spin.

At Christmas koledarite they go around their neighbors' homes, call out wishes for he alth and prosperity, and the owners of the house present them with cookies, walnuts, apples, honey, popcorn, baked pumpkin, wheat and wine.

On December 25 name day celebrate Christ, Christina, Christian, Christiana, and on December 27 names are Stefan, Stefania, Stefana, Stoyan, Stoyana. On this day, the church celebrates the memory of the holy archdeacon Stephen, the first martyr.

Modern tradition dictates that the home be decorated appropriately for Christmas with a tree, lights, pine branches. At the Christmas table there should be ritual bread, which the oldest member of the family breaks and distributes. Table decorations include candles and pine branches.

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