Evgeni Minchev with criticism of politicians' vision (video)

Evgeni Minchev with criticism of politicians' vision (video)
Evgeni Minchev with criticism of politicians' vision (video)

As adequate as babies are right after they are born, so are our politicians when they meet the voters. Such an assessment of the pre-election campaign was given by the PR expert Evgeni Minchev in the show "Today" on Bulgaria On Er.

He criticized the work of political publicists, who, according to him, are to blame for the ridiculous appearance of politicians. According to him, this happened because most of the advisers were appointed on a friendly basis, at a low salary and without competence.

Explain that being a PR or stylist is not like going to the dentist. "You choose a PR and you trust it, and however hard the words and painful the healing, you will be healed." Check out the rest of the interview in the video.

Evgeni Minchev also made a quick review of the appearance of the leading politicians.

To BSP leader Kornelia Ninova, he recommends first losing weight, changing her hairdresser and stylist. "I invite her to dinner to explain to her what to remove from her appearance so that she does not look like a red granny. If we take a black and white photo of Tsola Dragoycheva and compare it with that of Cornelia - there is no difference," concluded Lorda.

Boyko Borisov is chosen in his vision. His manners are like that of a man of the people and nothing else would suit him, Minchev thinks. However, there is an aesthetic revolution in him and when he needs to look good, he knows how to dress like a European and Western politician.

There are no comments for President Rumen Radev Minchev. However, there are those for the first lady. He advised her to burn the costume from the night of the election.

There is also criticism of the leader of Volya - Veselin Mareshki - "There needs to be an aesthetic will."

Advises Tsetska Tsacheva to also lose weight, change her hairstyle and the tailor, who at the time dressed her in "teacher's favorite, good day" type clothes.

And one more piece of advice to all politicians – to wear clothes that are tailored to their size, from expensive fabrics, and to browse world fashion magazines more often.

"Draw meatballs, but don't eat them," Minchev appeals to politicians.

Evgeni Minchev does not trust Bulgarian politicians and therefore did not vote. However, he wants to be the Minister of Transport to stop the trams that passed by his house. He also gets angry at political promises.

“Everyone talks about he alth care, but that doesn't mean free medicine. The Bulgarian eats cheap food and pays for expensive medicines. Don't save money for trips and rest, but for rainy days and treatments," commented Minchev.

According to him, people only complain, not demand change. "You can't promise high wages that equate to the breakfast of a muffin or bagel in a hotel. That's why I won't vote."

Evgeni Minchev also told how last year, when he organized a Bulgarian-British ball in London, he personally took the former Minister of Economy Nikolina Angelkova a letter, with which he did not ask for money, but only to be a patron of the event.

The administration explained to him that they would answer him within a day. However, there is no answer to this day. Evgeni Minchev is not ashamed to be Bulgarian when he travels around the world. However, he wants to have a law that punishes xenophobia.

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