Is ketchup good for you?

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Is ketchup good for you?
Is ketchup good for you?


We often associate ketchup with fast food, whose harm to the body is constantly reminded in the media space. But while a really greasy hamburger with a lot of sauces or kebabs that add to its fat content are harmful to our blood vessels, we forget that ketchup is the least responsible for our he alth in this food combination.

Ketchup is another name for tomato sauce and it can be he althy, this is proven by an American company with established traditions in its production. According to Heinz, ketchup isn't made, it's grown.

Traditions and perhaps the company secret about the recipe of the product when preparing it and presenting it to the market are important. But not as much as the currently leading European thinking, the philosophy of the producer and the needs of the consumers, which are aimed at the nature-friendly way of extraction of the main raw materials and the harmlessness of the technological process in terms of obtaining the final product for our body.

The company has reason to be proud of the quality of its products in this regard. As early as 1906, he introduced the principles of natural preservation of his ketchup, excluding the addition of artificial preservatives, and it is a matter of production volume which, as early as 1907, covered the territory of the globe, including not only Australia and New Zealand, South America, Japan, South Africa and Great Britain, in the order of 12 million bottles per year. Today, their number is already 650 million, located in over 140 countries around the world.

The ketchup recipe has a 135-year history and has actually been considered a classic American ketchup for more than a century - if only because of its constant presence on the table of American families.

In fact, Heinz are the only ketchup manufacturer in the world that owns the entire production process: they have their own lands, they have cultivated their own tomato seeds that produce quality tomatoes, they exercise direct and constant control over the crops, the control in the factories is uncompromising, the quality – unchanging and impeccable. What better argument in this direction than the fact that Heinz implements and implements 75 quality controls of the production process from the receipt of the tomatoes in the factories, and they must be ripe and whole, to the finished product in the bottles.

Heinz ketchup actually offers organic tomato sauce and natural natural ingredients. There are no artificial colors, preservatives or even thickeners in its composition. And one more thing, not unimportant, the manufacturer offers variants with limited sugar content and without s alt!

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