Why we drink more alcohol in winter

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Why we drink more alcohol in winter
Why we drink more alcohol in winter

A glass of wine in the evening in front of the TV or brandy with a pickle - this is the daily routine of people during frosty evenings.

Many studies show that peoples in the temperate climate zone and those in more northern latitudes consume more alcohol in winter. What are the reasons and is it justified that spirits play a major role this time of year?


What to do - tradition! This is how it was in the time of our grandparents, when the harvest was harvested, the work of the Kurs was over, and the folklore calendar was full of occasions - name days and public holidays. We undergo a kind of alcohol marathon every year, from approximately the beginning of December until the middle of January. Name days, office parties, family celebrations - from Nicholas Day all the way to Athanasov Day.

The Warming Power

If one glass isn't enough, after the second and third, a pleasant warmth spreads throughout our body that tickles our stomach and makes our blood boil. Our cheeks and nose turn pink.

Indeed – alcohol dilates the peripheral blood vessels that feed the skin. Blood flow, and therefore heat dissipation, increases. However, this, in turn, causes the blood to flow away from the internal organs, thus depriving them of their heat.

From the surface of the skin, especially the exposed parts, heat loss occurs very quickly. As a result, a drunk person freezes faster than a person who has not licked alcohol.

Alcohol is a neurotoxin

Alcohol is a neurotoxin and poisoning with even a small dose of it leads to slowing down and blocking of processes in the brain. Therefore, even a slightly drunk person is characterized by inappropriate behavior. In small doses, dizziness is useful - it raises mood levels and makes the holiday unique. As long as it's quality alcohol.

The comfort of winter cocktails

It's cold and frosty outside, and you're sitting warm in pleasant company or in front of the TV, and in front of you is a bubbling cup of hot aromatic cocktail like the traditional mulled wine or its more modern cousins, grog and punch.

The duty gift – a bottle of wine

Often when we are worried about what to give the host, we think of a bottle of fine wine - an on-duty but nice gift! And the tasting afterwards is mandatory.

More dances and stories

Don't anchor yourself on the table, in front of the cup. Dance, talk, flirt - as befits a real holiday. This way you will be freed from drinking and eating for a while.

So that we don't fill our holidays only with drinking, let's also find some work - sports, cleaning, cooking, walks, playing with the children. And if we accompany every test cup with " 10 kisses from the princess/prince", we have to wonder if it's the alcohol that has intoxicated us or the love!

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