How to be energetic throughout the day

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How to be energetic throughout the day
How to be energetic throughout the day

Lack of energy in the middle of the day and so many tasks waiting for you? There are some nice ways to raise your energy and keep them balanced throughout the day. Here's how.

Give yourself an afternoon snack

An afternoon snack can be just what your body needs for more energy. Don't forget to choose the most appropriate breakfast to keep your energy levels up for the rest of the day. Focus on complex carbohydrates. They are high in fiber and also prevent blood sugar levels from dropping quickly.

Oatmeal, yogurt, fruit, hummus, raw carrots, a handful of raw nuts are good.

If you're fed up with chocolate, let it be black. Dark chocolate contains less sugar and more caffeine, which will increase the synthesis of endorphins and keep you energized.

Avoid snacks that contain too much sugar, such as cakes, pies, candies. Consuming them will cause your blood sugar levels to spike and then plummet, making you feel sluggish.

Avoid foods with high fat content, they are also the cause of our sleepiness as they take longer to digest in your body.

Another cup of coffee you expect to wake you up? Replace it with a glass of water with a little fresh lemon juice. The refreshing drink will quickly increase your energy levels. The scent of lemon has also been found to reduce stress levels and improve mood. Our body gets its energy from the molecules and atoms in our food. Lemons have many negatively charged ions that enter our digestive systems and give us a natural energy boost that can last for several hours.

Splash your face with cold water

This refreshment will not only wake you up, but also reduce your stress levels, improving your concentration. If you're worried about ruining your makeup, use thermal water. It's cooling, but it also helps make-up last longer. Spray the face from a distance of about 15-20 cm.


Aromatherapy is a proven way to increase energy levels. Using peppermint oil or even inhaling the aroma of the peppermint plant will help increase your energy levels while reducing fatigue. If you have the opportunity, drink a fruit fresh in which you have also put a few fresh mint leaves.

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