How to express love to our child?

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How to express love to our child?
How to express love to our child?

There is never a parent who does not love his children! Different parents express their love for their children in different ways - by preparing their favorite treats, by hugs, by words, by striving to provide a good life and education. But there are parents who undoubtedly love their children, but their nature makes it difficult for them to express that love.

How exactly to express love to your children? How to break your relationship and show your feelings in every possible way? If you're short on imagination or just want to get ideas for new ways to express affection and affection, check out our suggestions!

Go for walks together

If your children are small - take them to their favorite children's restaurant, where you can eat your favorite treat or drink your favorite shake! If they are older - don't miss a walk together in the park, to the shops or to drink a coffee together. Talking as friends brings parents and children together more than you might think.

Tell them stories about yourself

We all keep photo albums full of baby pictures with a smile saying "Smiles from the old tapes". Looking at colorful and black-and-white memories, tell your children your personal stories, make them feel how much it means to you to be part of a common memory.

"Lovely" notes

Leave each other notes that remind you of your love. Even when you are gone, your children will know that you are thinking of them with love. A casual way to express what you're feeling.

Wait for them at the door

It's annoying for big kids when their mom is nervously waiting for them at the front door when they come home late at night. But inside they know he does it out of love. For young children, this is very important, because maternal protection is still their strong support. Going home to mom and dad for little kids is all happiness.

Praise them when you think they deserve it

Never miss when your child deserves praise. For all children, it is very important that you notice their successes, they achieve them because of you! Let them know you're proud of them!

Make up a secret love word

Which only you know, be a kind of code that expresses your love without the child feeling embarrassed, for example, by others.

Keep a photo diary of your children

Diaries that collect the stories your children have experienced speak louder than words.

Ignore your phone for them

If you constantly take business calls while ignoring your children, not paying attention to them when they want to share something with you or ask for help, you are hurting their feelings badly. There is no better way to express your love than to show enough attention to your children!

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