How to lose extra pounds after isolation

How to lose extra pounds after isolation
How to lose extra pounds after isolation

The state of emergency forced a change in our eating habits. Many people have started to calm their nerves and stress caused by the coronavirus situation through the so-called emotional eating. However, it is time to deal with the extra pounds, if we have accumulated any because of sitting at home.

“Maybe we gained 2-3 kg, I hope not more, because after all, it was two months. We don't feel very fresh, although emotional eating has contributed to this. Staying at home and mild depression contributed to the consumption of higher-calorie foods, preference for more carbohydrates, more frequent snacking", commented the specialist in nutrition and dietetics prof. Donka Baikova before Bulgaria ON AIR.

According to her, now we have an opportunity and we should move more. With an hour of walking, but really walking, not sitting on the bench, we can easily lose the few kilos we gained.

Our body will help us by itself, because they are not ours, Prof. Baikova is sure. She appeals on the air of "Bulgaria morning" not to undertake drastic dietary restrictions. On the contrary – we must approach sensibly and informedly to maintain our immunity.

The specialist in nutrition and dietetics warned that there is an option for our current diet to be maintained for a longer period. And he emphasized that reasonable nutrition means making a regimen - dosed nutrition by hours during the daylight hours.

“Now is the time to eat more natural foods, there is an abundance of spring vegetables and fruits. We need antioxidants and fiber. It is possible to achieve dinner at an earlier time ", recommended Prof. Baikova.

Watch the entire conversation in the video.

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