Give yourself the body of a goddess

Give yourself the body of a goddess
Give yourself the body of a goddess

Divine body with irresistible curves! Are you ready to welcome the summer in perfect shape? There is a way to quickly and efficiently tighten your figure and smooth out orange skin.

The secret of the body of a goddess was revealed at a special event attended by some of the most beautiful Bulgarian women, including Miss Bulgaria Natalia Gurkova, Marina Voikova, Irina Papazova, Mrs Bulgaria Megi Savova, Gergana and Zvezdelina, Paolina Petrakieva, Paolina Krushkina – Lady Bulgaria 2015 and others.

The procedure that will be a hit this season is called Venus Legacy. This is the technology that makes a real revolution in the fight against cellulite and loose skin on the body and faceAnd the people who have already tried it claim that there is a result even after the first procedure. Skin lifting and tightening, cellulite reduction, and visible smoothing of skin texture are observed.

Radio frequency, vacuum and the multipolar magnetic field are the three technologies combined in the device that give this effect and make possible the dream of a tight body and beautiful skin in the summer.

The innovative technology for an elegant silhouette was presented by Dr. Olesya Velinova, a leading dermatologist. She was able to demonstrate to the guests the operation of the medical apparatus.

“I really like this device, not only because of the extremely fast results it gives, but also because it is very safe to use. The procedure with him is pleasant and painless," shared Dr. Velinova.

This year's swimwear trends were also presented at the event.

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