Holiday savory cake (just for after Easter)

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Holiday savory cake (just for after Easter)
Holiday savory cake (just for after Easter)



11 pancakes

1 fresh mayonnaise, add 5-7 small finely chopped pickles and dill to taste

1 mayonnaise with melted cheese and 100 g of grated cheese mix well

1 table mayonnaise and to it 150 g of ham

pepper to taste

3 medium-sized boiled potatoes and 50 g of cheese are mashed with a cube of butter

4 tablespoons of lutenitsa and 100 g of smoked meat

ketchup, olives, cucumbers and cheese for decoration


Place a pancake in a cake plate, spread it with the 1st mixture, cover with a pancake, put a second one. And so until they finish.

In the middle of the mixture should be the potato, and above and below the lutenitsa. This is how they line up while using the products.

My 6th pancake is with potato and butter and cheese, and the 5th and 7th with lutenitsa.

Spread the finished cake with smoked mayonnaise and sprinkle cheese on the sides. On top I decorate with the rest of the products – olives, ketchup, cucumbers.

It is good to stand for 3-4 hours. A delicious rich cake for cold days.

Bon appetit!

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