The floors of "Olineza"

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The floors of "Olineza"
The floors of "Olineza"



boiled potatoes – 5 pcs. medium size

boiled carrots - 6 pcs. medium size

hard-boiled eggs – 5 pcs.

sausage – 300 g

pickles – 1 jar

roasted peppers - 1 jar

pitted olives - 300 g

corn – 300 g

cheese – 200 g

yellow cheese – 200 g

mayonnaise "Olineza" - table

Olineza ketchup

Lyutenitsa "Olineza" - traditional

mustard “Olineza”


A deep glass bowl is prepared, preferably smooth, without engravings. Grate all the products, starting with the potatoes, sprinkle with s alt and a little mayonnaise, then grate the carrots and spread a little mustard. Next are the eggs, and on top of them a little ketchup, then the pickles and a little of the lutenica, and so all the products and sauces are alternated up to the top. The idea is to form rows of different colors of relatively equal thickness. It becomes very beautiful. S alt and one of the sauces – mayonnaise/ketchup/mustard/lutenitsa – are placed in several layers. Place the grated cheese on top and decorate as desired with red pepper, cucumber or something else.

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