Baked potatoes are many times more useful than boiled ones

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Baked potatoes are many times more useful than boiled ones
Baked potatoes are many times more useful than boiled ones

Potatoes are our daily food - tasty, easy to prepare and affordable. We should know that their vitamins are water soluble. This means that if we cook them, it should be steamed or in a very small amount of water. Otherwise, all valuable ingredients go into the water, and we eat starch

Potatoes contain a large amount of vitamin C, also B1, PP, K, etc. and some cellulose.

The valuable ingredients of potatoes are just under the skin - so either eat them unpeeled or peel them very thin.

Boiled potatoes

It is best to steam them or boil them in a little water, unpeeled. Beforehand, wash their skin very well - with a brand new sponge or brush. After that, you can drink the water, if you did not add s alt, because a large part of the vitamins and microelements and especially potassium - which is useful for the work of the heart - have been separated in it.

Baked Potatoes

The most useful, he althy and preserving as much of their nutrients as possible - vitamins and trace elements are baked potatoes with the skins Again, wash the potatoes very well with a brush or sponge, cut cut them into two halves - on the lower side you can lightly s alt them and sprinkle them with savory. Bake in a pan without water, with a little fat on the potatoes - if desired.


Potatoes are a low-calorie food. 100 g contains only 80 calories. But if you cook them fried, because of the absorbed fat, they automatically become high in calories. And eat chips only as a last resort.

The Benefit

Potatoes are diet food. they have a diuretic effect. Scientists have found that they lower blood pressure.

So avoid fried, prefer baked or steamed and eat potatoes every day.

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